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July 31, 2011

Vendor Professional Services – Due Diligence and pre-requisites

This is a courtesy notice to vendors providing services to Sundale.

The Sundale ICT group will be adjusting their work practices to be able to better demonstrate evidence based Vendor implementation of services.

Secondly, the Sundale ICT will be including penalty clauses and actively pursuing service credit for non performance of vendor services in Sundale/Vendor agreements.

The following is a list of possible pre-requisites for scopes of work, configuration and installations. Sundale will incur the burden of maintaining registers of Vendors representatives and their skill sets..

In relation to Sundale, future scopes of work, configurations, installation or upgrades of systems, Sundale/Vendor agreements will incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Sundale will be supplied with Vendors employee’s Curriculum Vitae/professional qualifications/certificates/police check performing the task
  • For Software Systems: Installation and configurations will be recorded via Screencast technology
  • For Software Systems: Sundale will be supplied with the date of the last installation/the number of installations/configuration and version as performed by the vendor employee
  • For physical and electrical maintenance: On completions of work, photographs and electronic documentation of work performed will be supplied to Sundale via PDF
  • Sundale will be including a penalty/credit clause for what is deemed unreasonable time accessing Google/Web/Forums for installation/configuration solutions. Sundale’s Vendor service charge shall be reduced pro rata by an agreed hourly rate e.g. Daily cost divided by 8hrs i.e. $200 per hour credit between Sundale and the Vendor. The time allocation deemed reasonable would be 30 mins out of 480 mins of daily labour. This is open to negotiation on a case by case basis.
  • Sundale will be including a penalty/credit clause for interruption to services for incorrect installation, upgrades or configuration of systems
  • Sundale will be seeking signed time and work logs of Vendor employees of works performed before leaving Sundale premises. (Sundale will counter sign)
  • Sundale will be seeking trade references on similar scopes of works being performed

Please be aware, information collated from Vendor service implementations may be used by Sundale as substantiating evidence for resident or client enquiries, auditors or a accreditation agency.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



July 31, 2011

Professional Services… Do we get what we pay for ?

This week has been a week of frustration.

I’m trying to ascertain whether vendors within the Aged Care space treat providers with contempt. I know this is a generalisation however the number of quality operators that I’m coming across is definitely in the minority.

I do not have an issue of paying a premium as long as I receive a quality professional service.

When I engage professional services I have a few expectations

  • You will be a subject matter expert on your area of expertise
  • You will deliver a quality solution
  • You will be able to demonstrate what you have done

Apparently one of my “Gavinisms” is that “I know enough to be dangerous”.

On speaking to a number of consultants that are not keeping abreast of emerging trends or that their knowledge bank is shallow. Many consultants are constantly referring to google to search for answers.

Find below, the email I sent out to vendors. I wish to in some shape of form make this a mandatory requirement within the industry and hope to present and have a number of organisations adopt a similar philosophy to ensure compliance in delivery of solutions across the industry.

Vendors, consultants you are their to provide solutions that work for the business and complement ICT departments. Currently in my world this does not happen.
The сколько стоит кондиционер в могилеве Email..