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December 14, 2011

Sundale ICT Team = Awesome People – Meet Lei Croft


Did I mention that I only hire awesome talent to be part of my team? Meet Lei Croft, Iron Fist, Queen worker bee, typing extraordinairre,  and JIRA and Sundale ICT systems advocate ! Lei’s work skill set is diverse and she had particularly heavy involvement in the Atlassian JIRA and Confluence system deployments that we have received both national and international recognition for. As mentioned, she is also a bit of an extreme/l33t typist, clocking in at #1 in the world with a jaw dropping 237 WPM. If you don’t know, that’s ridiculously fast. For the record I type around 140 WPM with around 95% accuracy and that’s considered кондиционер напольный в витебской области fast Most people are around 40 WPM. How many words a minute can you type ? Typing test here