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August 17, 2012

The (App)le Method of Care Delivery

What is the value of mobile care delivery tools? Whether you use Apple or Android, the introduction of mobile apps has the potential to revolutionize delivery of services in the Aged Care industry. It may seem farfetched – after all, people have functioned for decades behind a desk and tied to a PC, but just stay with me.

Being an avid Instagramer (@leicroft), Gavin and I often exchange tips and tricks that we discover around iPhone photo capabilities. A few weekends ago I was researching some new apps to help enhance my iPhonography and stumbled upon 360 Panorama by Occipital. Available for iPhone and Android (Gingerbread or newer), 360 Panorama allows you to pan your phone’s camera over an area in a single pass. As you move, the camera captures the current field of vision. Once you stop panning, the app brilliantly stitches the frames together, constructing a full panoramic image.

So how does this relate to what we do in Aged Care? Think of something like environmental audits, arguably one of the most tedious tasks in any Aged Care facility. Imagine the process of documenting cracks in a footpath or cable management for a server rack. The process historically involved verbiage embedded in a report or static camera images with no reference point. Eg. “Crack in the footpath near garden”. “exposed cabling in rack.” Now, this is fine if your location has limited pathways or only one garden, or one server rack. Paper reports with words has the potential to create challenges for the person responsible for locating and correcting the elusive footpath crack near the garden or that stray cable.

Imagine the efficiency of using an app like 360 Panorama – of simply arriving on site with your mobile device, panning to capture the area to be audited and using it as a visual reference to complete the assessment. Combine this with the potential of accessing the audit tool directly from your iPhone or iPad, attaching the panorama you’ve just captured and you’d be set. A task that would have previously taken a couple of days is made significantly easier, faster and far more comprehensive by providing a full field of reference.

In this particular case, the face value of a mobile care delivery tool is $0.99, but the benefits of working smarter are бытовые кондиционеры в витебске countless

What apps have you used to simplify your work?


August 16, 2012

Lei Croft – Welcome new contributing blogger !

Greetings all,

I’m happy to announce that Lei Croft, will be doing some guest posts and contributions to the blog around technologies, social media and other innovations. Lei was heavily involved in various system deployments and is now walking the cold face with Aged Carers in the Quality, Risk and Safety field. She is seeing first hand how we go from the ICT engine room and frameworks to the ground куплю кондиционер в минске floor


Glad to have her on board.

August 15, 2012

Software as a Service (SaaS) Checklist

Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming a viable option for many organisations, offering benefits in terms of maximising output and providing control of cash flow and freeing up of internal resources.

Currently within my organisation we are actually actively using all 3 cloud technologies in multiple deployments for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. eg. Lync, Office365, ZenDesk, TiPT, JIRA, Crowd, Confluence to name a few.

The following is a general overview of some of my findings with SaaS including a simplistic checklist for due diligence. Feel free to comment and provide feedback.

Firstly, my opinion:

Within the Australian Aged Care space, I do not believe that there are any Aged Care Industry software vendors, providing an end to end SaaS solution.

Vendors, feel free to put your hand up to challenge this statement.

Find the download link for the checklist if you don’t wish to read the entire post.

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Moving on….

My criteria, for an Aged Care Software Vendor to provide Software as a Service offering could be surmised by the following:

1. Subscription based, Affordable and all inclusive

Diverting from the traditional annual software and maintenance license agreement, SaaS is usually sold on a holistic subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance and a degree of customer support. SaaS subscription models usually operate on a monthly subscription basis and hence there are no large up-front costs.

2. Zero Infrastructure, Zero System Administrator

My definition for SaaS is that there is zero on site infrastructure, zero on-site administration and the underlying ICT infrastructure is handled by the SaaS vendor. CIOs, IT Managers, Users do not need to worry about hardware maintenance of hardware, operating system compatibilities, database versioning. The SaaS vendor takes care of all of this for the end-user, so the end-user doesn’t have to.

3, Seamless Software Application Upgrades

My view is that the SaaS provider manages the software release cycle inclusive of upgrades. The benefits should be obvious for any organisation or ICT department with the elimination of downloading, operating system patching and the potential for application cross продажа кондиционеров в могилеве termination Continue Reading…

August 14, 2012

The Case of the Cameroon Cat Scammer – Social hacking at its best


GavinTomlins Social hacking

Recipe for a Good Scam


– A Cameroon Social Hacker

– Some Cute Kittens

– An a emotive buyer aka my wife

Scam Overview

Everyone has heard of the Nigerians trying to scam the Elderly and the unsuspecting in Australia, trying to convince them to part with their hard earned cash. (this has been prevalent with the Elderly of recent in Queensland. Even to the case where the Nigerians phoned the Sundale ICT help desk within our Aged Care facility !) Well my wife, Natasha ( who is an educated lady and avid cat lover, almost fell victim to an elaborate social hacking scam.  Kevin Mitnick a noted hacker of his time, speaks nowadays of the human element and the threat of social engineering/hacking as being the next major threat. Read on

How the Scam Played Out

The scam that almost played out with Natasha came in the form of a cute kitten. Natasha a former cat breeder, was after a specific breed on the higher end of the cost spectrum up around the 1k mark. Being a thorough researcher, Natasha scoured the internet looking for a reputable breeder or the chance of possibly finding a cheaper option of the breed that she was searching for. Lo and behind, she seemed have struck gold on a website called Multiple breeders with a variety of offerings. Now to narrow the search and wouldn’t you know, a post matching what she is after. Fast forward, the kittens are located in Brisbane, only a 100km from where we live. We’re on a winner, or are we ?


Firstly, I would not classify as having wide spread recognition i.e. not in the same league as, trading or within the Australian classified space. Though, the add seemed genuine enough. Let the email traffic begin


Natasha, sends a general enquiry email to which our Scammer responds. Take note, of the personal touch, the caring attitude and what seems like a caring owner after the best interests of the интернет магазин кондиционеров в витебской области kittens


August 9, 2012

Thought – Self Worth – Cut and Paste



Currently cutting and pasting approximately 140 graphs into a board report, bemoaning the fact and bleating to anyone who wishes to listen the wasted skillset, my higher education and the accompanying 20k HECS debt from years gone by. Jai Dametto quickly quipped that 20k worth of Uni definitely does make a good clip paster…. Mongrel. кондиционеры цена в минске

August 8, 2012

Sundale ICT – Aged Care Journal Article


Sundale ICT again had a bit of coverage in July. The ITAC awards were covered and Jamix had some coverage on the implementation of their system with куплю кондиционер в могилевской области Sundale We feature on Page 9, 30 and 75.

Click on the Download button to have a read.

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August 3, 2012

Sundale ICT – Jai Dametto – Helping the next generation


Sundale’s mission statement is 

We exist

To Care

To Grow

To Support 

Our Community

This week our extremely talented Jai Dametto, visited the local TAFE to give staff an overview of the industry. These engagements aptly named are called Industry Expert Engagements and it allows the staff to ensure that the materials that they are teaching their students within the industry. Jai utilised his knowledge from working with Sundale ICT and the other large organisations he has worked for to provide the students with key insights into the current desires and demands within the IT Industry. Jai explained the current infrastructure demands of an Aged Care organisation such as Sundale and the future direction the Sundale ICT will be taking systems, technology and assistive technology for Aged Care.

The TAFE staff made comment that the engagement was a huge success, stating the knowledge and insights of the Sundale ICT team member covered multiple levels from both business/industry and technical perspectives. Such was the success they have already requested to book Jai again for next year and to give an updated presentation on Sundale’s migration to cloud computing and updates on Sundale’s virtualisation. The TAFE also requested Jai’s assistance with the current materials and assessment to ensure that the students produced works would meet those expected within the industry. Once again I’m proud and are grateful for the skill level of the members of the Sundale ICT team.

“Jai demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the ICT industry direction and I found this very helpful in gauging our own emphasis in the courses we run at SCIT. Thanks Jai.” – Albert Lebbink, Leading Vocational Teacher in ICT

Truly and exceptional bunch!

View Jai Dametto’s LinkedIn Profile here

August 1, 2012

Aged Care IT Survey

In case you weren’t on the mailing list,find the link to this year’s Aged Care IT survey.

I’ve included the original email for reference. The survey can be downloaded off my site here and sent back to

I would love to canvas opinion from those within the industry as I found the survey quite wanting. I contacted Margaret then Barry to discuss some of the issues around the survey and where I thought it was lacking.

Firstly, the email

An Important Message to all members (including CEOs, Financial and ICT Managers)

Aged Care IT Survey

LASA Q has been asked on a number of occasions to conduct a survey of ICT use, advice and support of Aged Care facilities, Community Care operations and Retirement Villages in Queensland.

We propose joining with a much bigger study being carried out across all industry sectors, but will aim to gather as much industry specific feedback as possible so that at a later date we can provide a report, case studies and information sessions to help our members.

Attached is a simple tick box survey (49 questions) that should only take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete and then return to  or fax to 07 3715 8166 by Friday 10 August 2012. Please note that no contact information will be given to anybody, so you will not receive spam because you filled in the survey.

Aged Care IT Survey


Barry Ashcroft

Deputy CEO

The Survey

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My comments:

Sent: Thursday, 26 July 2012 7:56 PM
To: Margaret West
Subject: Aged Care IT Survey

Good evening Margaret,

Please find attached the Aged Care IT Survey.

If I may offer some constructive feedback.

  1. It seems quite ironic that we do a IT survey about technology in a traditional word document instead of utilising the many online survey tools available today. In my opinion is creates a credibility issue.
  2. The question set seems targeted towards small business
  3. It would be good to see the question set incorporating  Virtualisation platforms, Virtualisation servers, Terminal services platforms, BYOD, Mobility platforms, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Social Media, Cloud computing, Training/Educational platforms, CDN, WAN optimisation, Data deduplication
  4. More questions around the CMS, Payroll, ERP systems
  5. Licensing models – ELA etc, and a breakdown on issues around Device CALs, etc.
  6. Details around managed services, outsourcing (onshore and offshore) and number of external contractors
  7. % of staff using technology daily – email, CRM, ERP, Clinical, Internet etc
  8. Data warehouses and Issues around data sovereignty
  9. Top 5 systems used in the organisation
  10. A generic question on the state of the nation around ICT and the Aged Care Industry



To LASAQ’s credit, I had a phone call within the hour from Barry. He explained his point of view and that they believe they would get more responses from a word document based survey.

For those interested, find links to last year’s Not-For-Profit e-business report


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Full Report:

[wpfilebase tag=file id=4 /]

More Details about the reports can be located here–-australian-not-profit-e-business-report-2011

Please partake, in the survey and better still, I would like to know your opinion on the content of the монтаж кондиционеров в могилеве questions