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September 12, 2012

Aged Care – Microsoft AX Dynamics platform



I have create a new LinkedIn Group called – Aged Care – Microsoft AX / Dynamics platform. It is specifically targeting Aged Care in Australia using the Aptean / Peoplepoint XaptCare product.

Click on the following link to follow your user group or Contact me for further details and сплит-система в могилеве assistance

September 11, 2012

Teenager social media policy, acceptable use policy and contract for a digital life

Does your teenager have a social media policy, acceptable use policy for Facebook, Twitter, Mobile phones or a digital contract ?

Teenagers use of technology and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and their digital footprint is becoming an increasing issue facing families, parents and teenagers alike. Recently my son transitioned from being a child to that of a teenager and with his coming of age came a plethora of new parental challenges for my wife and I. As covered by Brad Huddleston in his book Dark Side of Technology, there is an underbelly to technology and the internet that many parents, children and teenagers are blissfully unaware.

GavinTomlinsTeenageSocialMediaPolicyMany a teenager doesn’t understand the implications from conversing in cyberspace and the many digital frontiers. Once they post something to the internet, their is no turning back. Wikipedia has a good post on digital footprints . Many parents are unaware that their child’s profile can be constructed by a dubious person via metadata from the child’s digital footprint. eg. Photos of a child can be overlayed to determine where they live, where they go to child care, what parks they frequent. Tools such as Google Maps are wonderful in the right hands but unfortunately in the hands of a paedophile it becomes a mechanism for evil.

My son, has just turned 13 and with it, he has been granted the privilege of entering the digital age. My wife and I have explained the social perils and pitfalls that exist within the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texting as well as the long lasting implications that it may have for his future life.

To this end, I created a “Digital Life” contract that has terms and conditions that my son must follow to maintain his ability to access mobile phones and the internet.

I’ve included it here for other parents and guardians to use as a starting point for discussions with their children around usage of Mobile phones,social media and the internet.

Feel free to provide feedback and constructive criticism.

The link to the file can be located купить кондиционер в интернет магазине в минске here

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Other useful links for parents


September 10, 2012

Microsoft Aged Care Webinar Schedule

Find below an updated Microsoft Aged Care Webinar Schedule. iCals are available at the bottom of the установка кондиционеров недорого в витебске post Feel free to contact me on my current experiences with Office 365 and Lync 2013 deployments within Aged Care



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September 6, 2012

National Peoplepoint Forum – A case for Aged Care consumer and industry advocacy


Advocacy, if ever there were a case for consumer and industry advocacy and surely would have to be around the XaptCare or Peoplepoint product.


I am currently attending the inaugural Peoplepoint National Forum. For those within the Australian Aged Care Industry they would be aware of the tipsy turvy ride of Xaptcare under the Eclipse, Peoplepoint, CDC and now Aptean banner.

Within the room there are 29 Representatives from 21 Organisations all seeking the holy grail of 1 electronic health record across the continuum of care. To Peoplepoint’s credit they listened to their customer base and initiated state user groups. The sentiment amongst the group is that Peoplepoint have not delivered a value added product (disclaimer: there is a survey circulating to substantiate this).

There are number of organisations that are sitting on the fence and deciding whether to exit the product or whether to stay. A key decider will be how Peoplepoint/Aptean presents their vision of the future plus address the issues of the past.

Key items from the users groups to be addressed can be surmised as:

  1. 2012 AX licensing move to named licensing. Massive cost implications Need resolution of this issue or face the potential for many companies to move away from the product. Need strong direction from PeoplePoint as to resolution of this issue
  2. Capability and Viability of PeoplePoint as a product/company. Need demonstration of commitment to the product and user base by increased number of “skilled” developers and support staff. What is the current resourcing situation.
  3. Lack of industry experts within PeoplePoint or visibility of engagement with industry experts Need list of industry experts who are engaged in product development. Need engagement with user group experts on product development.
  4. Ongoing bugs and issues Demonstration of how these are being addressed. Many spanning years and multiple releases.
  5. Roadshow strategic vision and roadmap vs demonstrated achievements
  6. Lack of customer engagement

Peoplepoint has a challenge in front of them on how to win over organisations. Indeed, a hurdle they seemingly have to overcome is their perceived inability to listen to their customers.

There is one benefit coming from this forum is that we now have a number of organisations united.

As part of the National user group forum it was suggested that the user base construct a forum to help each other and Peoplepoint.

Please contact me if  you wish a copy of the surrey, being connected to a user group or to be added to the mailing кондиционеры инверторные купить в минске list

Links that may be of interest:

Peoplepoint Software website

Aptean Software website

Peoplepoint Survey – National User group

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