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August 15, 2012

Software as a Service (SaaS) Checklist

Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming a viable option for many organisations, offering benefits in terms of maximising output and providing control of cash flow and freeing up of internal resources.

Currently within my organisation we are actually actively using all 3 cloud technologies in multiple deployments for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. eg. Lync, Office365, ZenDesk, TiPT, JIRA, Crowd, Confluence to name a few.

The following is a general overview of some of my findings with SaaS including a simplistic checklist for due diligence. Feel free to comment and provide feedback.

Firstly, my opinion:

Within the Australian Aged Care space, I do not believe that there are any Aged Care Industry software vendors, providing an end to end SaaS solution.

Vendors, feel free to put your hand up to challenge this statement.

Find the download link for the checklist if you don’t wish to read the entire post.

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Moving on….

My criteria, for an Aged Care Software Vendor to provide Software as a Service offering could be surmised by the following:

1. Subscription based, Affordable and all inclusive

Diverting from the traditional annual software and maintenance license agreement, SaaS is usually sold on a holistic subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance and a degree of customer support. SaaS subscription models usually operate on a monthly subscription basis and hence there are no large up-front costs.

2. Zero Infrastructure, Zero System Administrator

My definition for SaaS is that there is zero on site infrastructure, zero on-site administration and the underlying ICT infrastructure is handled by the SaaS vendor. CIOs, IT Managers, Users do not need to worry about hardware maintenance of hardware, operating system compatibilities, database versioning. The SaaS vendor takes care of all of this for the end-user, so the end-user doesn’t have to.

3, Seamless Software Application Upgrades

My view is that the SaaS provider manages the software release cycle inclusive of upgrades. The benefits should be obvious for any organisation or ICT department with the elimination of downloading, operating system patching and the potential for application cross продажа кондиционеров в могилеве termination Continue Reading…

August 3, 2012

Sundale ICT – Jai Dametto – Helping the next generation


Sundale’s mission statement is 

We exist

To Care

To Grow

To Support 

Our Community

This week our extremely talented Jai Dametto, visited the local TAFE to give staff an overview of the industry. These engagements aptly named are called Industry Expert Engagements and it allows the staff to ensure that the materials that they are teaching their students within the industry. Jai utilised his knowledge from working with Sundale ICT and the other large organisations he has worked for to provide the students with key insights into the current desires and demands within the IT Industry. Jai explained the current infrastructure demands of an Aged Care organisation such as Sundale and the future direction the Sundale ICT will be taking systems, technology and assistive technology for Aged Care.

The TAFE staff made comment that the engagement was a huge success, stating the knowledge and insights of the Sundale ICT team member covered multiple levels from both business/industry and technical perspectives. Such was the success they have already requested to book Jai again for next year and to give an updated presentation on Sundale’s migration to cloud computing and updates on Sundale’s virtualisation. The TAFE also requested Jai’s assistance with the current materials and assessment to ensure that the students produced works would meet those expected within the industry. Once again I’m proud and are grateful for the skill level of the members of the Sundale ICT team.

“Jai demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the ICT industry direction and I found this very helpful in gauging our own emphasis in the courses we run at SCIT. Thanks Jai.” – Albert Lebbink, Leading Vocational Teacher in ICT

Truly and exceptional bunch!

View Jai Dametto’s LinkedIn Profile here

August 1, 2012

Aged Care IT Survey

In case you weren’t on the mailing list,find the link to this year’s Aged Care IT survey.

I’ve included the original email for reference. The survey can be downloaded off my site here and sent back to

I would love to canvas opinion from those within the industry as I found the survey quite wanting. I contacted Margaret then Barry to discuss some of the issues around the survey and where I thought it was lacking.

Firstly, the email

An Important Message to all members (including CEOs, Financial and ICT Managers)

Aged Care IT Survey

LASA Q has been asked on a number of occasions to conduct a survey of ICT use, advice and support of Aged Care facilities, Community Care operations and Retirement Villages in Queensland.

We propose joining with a much bigger study being carried out across all industry sectors, but will aim to gather as much industry specific feedback as possible so that at a later date we can provide a report, case studies and information sessions to help our members.

Attached is a simple tick box survey (49 questions) that should only take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete and then return to  or fax to 07 3715 8166 by Friday 10 August 2012. Please note that no contact information will be given to anybody, so you will not receive spam because you filled in the survey.

Aged Care IT Survey


Barry Ashcroft

Deputy CEO

The Survey

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My comments:

Sent: Thursday, 26 July 2012 7:56 PM
To: Margaret West
Subject: Aged Care IT Survey

Good evening Margaret,

Please find attached the Aged Care IT Survey.

If I may offer some constructive feedback.

  1. It seems quite ironic that we do a IT survey about technology in a traditional word document instead of utilising the many online survey tools available today. In my opinion is creates a credibility issue.
  2. The question set seems targeted towards small business
  3. It would be good to see the question set incorporating  Virtualisation platforms, Virtualisation servers, Terminal services platforms, BYOD, Mobility platforms, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Social Media, Cloud computing, Training/Educational platforms, CDN, WAN optimisation, Data deduplication
  4. More questions around the CMS, Payroll, ERP systems
  5. Licensing models – ELA etc, and a breakdown on issues around Device CALs, etc.
  6. Details around managed services, outsourcing (onshore and offshore) and number of external contractors
  7. % of staff using technology daily – email, CRM, ERP, Clinical, Internet etc
  8. Data warehouses and Issues around data sovereignty
  9. Top 5 systems used in the organisation
  10. A generic question on the state of the nation around ICT and the Aged Care Industry



To LASAQ’s credit, I had a phone call within the hour from Barry. He explained his point of view and that they believe they would get more responses from a word document based survey.

For those interested, find links to last year’s Not-For-Profit e-business report


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Full Report:

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More Details about the reports can be located here–-australian-not-profit-e-business-report-2011

Please partake, in the survey and better still, I would like to know your opinion on the content of the монтаж кондиционеров в могилеве questions

April 20, 2012

Sundale ICT wins National Award


I’m proud to say that the Sundale ICT team was a National winner in the Australian Aged Care IT awards. The innovation, hard work and dedication of the team (Gavin Tomlins, Lance Knight, Jai Dametto, Lei Croft, Lani Maxfield, Verne Riley, Shaun Nichol, Jessica Franssen and Jesse Fletcher) resulted in us winning the Best Implementation of the Year 150 to 650 places.

The Sundale ICT team was Finalists in 3 categories, this was more than any other organisation in Australia. The finalist entries included details on our work on BCP/DR – Tsunami through a straw (the same that is being used as Riverbed as a case study), our eLearning framework and development with Moodle, and our deployment and organisational use of the Atlassian frameworks of JIRA, Crowd and Confluence.

I’m quite proud of the diverse and high skill level of our team, considering where we are located and the national and international recognition we have received in our innovative and working какой кондиционер лучше в витебске solutions

July 31, 2011

Vendor Professional Services – Due Diligence and pre-requisites

This is a courtesy notice to vendors providing services to Sundale.

The Sundale ICT group will be adjusting their work practices to be able to better demonstrate evidence based Vendor implementation of services.

Secondly, the Sundale ICT will be including penalty clauses and actively pursuing service credit for non performance of vendor services in Sundale/Vendor agreements.

The following is a list of possible pre-requisites for scopes of work, configuration and installations. Sundale will incur the burden of maintaining registers of Vendors representatives and their skill sets..

In relation to Sundale, future scopes of work, configurations, installation or upgrades of systems, Sundale/Vendor agreements will incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Sundale will be supplied with Vendors employee’s Curriculum Vitae/professional qualifications/certificates/police check performing the task
  • For Software Systems: Installation and configurations will be recorded via Screencast technology
  • For Software Systems: Sundale will be supplied with the date of the last installation/the number of installations/configuration and version as performed by the vendor employee
  • For physical and electrical maintenance: On completions of work, photographs and electronic documentation of work performed will be supplied to Sundale via PDF
  • Sundale will be including a penalty/credit clause for what is deemed unreasonable time accessing Google/Web/Forums for installation/configuration solutions. Sundale’s Vendor service charge shall be reduced pro rata by an agreed hourly rate e.g. Daily cost divided by 8hrs i.e. $200 per hour credit between Sundale and the Vendor. The time allocation deemed reasonable would be 30 mins out of 480 mins of daily labour. This is open to negotiation on a case by case basis.
  • Sundale will be including a penalty/credit clause for interruption to services for incorrect installation, upgrades or configuration of systems
  • Sundale will be seeking signed time and work logs of Vendor employees of works performed before leaving Sundale premises. (Sundale will counter sign)
  • Sundale will be seeking trade references on similar scopes of works being performed

Please be aware, information collated from Vendor service implementations may be used by Sundale as substantiating evidence for resident or client enquiries, auditors or a accreditation agency.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



July 31, 2011

Professional Services… Do we get what we pay for ?

This week has been a week of frustration.

I’m trying to ascertain whether vendors within the Aged Care space treat providers with contempt. I know this is a generalisation however the number of quality operators that I’m coming across is definitely in the minority.

I do not have an issue of paying a premium as long as I receive a quality professional service.

When I engage professional services I have a few expectations

  • You will be a subject matter expert on your area of expertise
  • You will deliver a quality solution
  • You will be able to demonstrate what you have done

Apparently one of my “Gavinisms” is that “I know enough to be dangerous”.

On speaking to a number of consultants that are not keeping abreast of emerging trends or that their knowledge bank is shallow. Many consultants are constantly referring to google to search for answers.

Find below, the email I sent out to vendors. I wish to in some shape of form make this a mandatory requirement within the industry and hope to present and have a number of organisations adopt a similar philosophy to ensure compliance in delivery of solutions across the industry.

Vendors, consultants you are their to provide solutions that work for the business and complement ICT departments. Currently in my world this does not happen.
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