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September 11, 2012

Teenager social media policy, acceptable use policy and contract for a digital life

Does your teenager have a social media policy, acceptable use policy for Facebook, Twitter, Mobile phones or a digital contract ?

Teenagers use of technology and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and their digital footprint is becoming an increasing issue facing families, parents and teenagers alike. Recently my son transitioned from being a child to that of a teenager and with his coming of age came a plethora of new parental challenges for my wife and I. As covered by Brad Huddleston in his book Dark Side of Technology, there is an underbelly to technology and the internet that many parents, children and teenagers are blissfully unaware.

GavinTomlinsTeenageSocialMediaPolicyMany a teenager doesn’t understand the implications from conversing in cyberspace and the many digital frontiers. Once they post something to the internet, their is no turning back. Wikipedia has a good post on digital footprints . Many parents are unaware that their child’s profile can be constructed by a dubious person via metadata from the child’s digital footprint. eg. Photos of a child can be overlayed to determine where they live, where they go to child care, what parks they frequent. Tools such as Google Maps are wonderful in the right hands but unfortunately in the hands of a paedophile it becomes a mechanism for evil.

My son, has just turned 13 and with it, he has been granted the privilege of entering the digital age. My wife and I have explained the social perils and pitfalls that exist within the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texting as well as the long lasting implications that it may have for his future life.

To this end, I created a “Digital Life” contract that has terms and conditions that my son must follow to maintain his ability to access mobile phones and the internet.

I’ve included it here for other parents and guardians to use as a starting point for discussions with their children around usage of Mobile phones,social media and the internet.

Feel free to provide feedback and constructive criticism.

The link to the file can be located купить кондиционер в интернет магазине в минске here

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Other useful links for parents


August 16, 2012

Lei Croft – Welcome new contributing blogger !

Greetings all,

I’m happy to announce that Lei Croft, will be doing some guest posts and contributions to the blog around technologies, social media and other innovations. Lei was heavily involved in various system deployments and is now walking the cold face with Aged Carers in the Quality, Risk and Safety field. She is seeing first hand how we go from the ICT engine room and frameworks to the ground куплю кондиционер в минске floor


Glad to have her on board.

August 14, 2012

The Case of the Cameroon Cat Scammer – Social hacking at its best


GavinTomlins Social hacking

Recipe for a Good Scam


– A Cameroon Social Hacker

– Some Cute Kittens

– An a emotive buyer aka my wife

Scam Overview

Everyone has heard of the Nigerians trying to scam the Elderly and the unsuspecting in Australia, trying to convince them to part with their hard earned cash. (this has been prevalent with the Elderly of recent in Queensland. Even to the case where the Nigerians phoned the Sundale ICT help desk within our Aged Care facility !) Well my wife, Natasha ( who is an educated lady and avid cat lover, almost fell victim to an elaborate social hacking scam.  Kevin Mitnick a noted hacker of his time, speaks nowadays of the human element and the threat of social engineering/hacking as being the next major threat. Read on

How the Scam Played Out

The scam that almost played out with Natasha came in the form of a cute kitten. Natasha a former cat breeder, was after a specific breed on the higher end of the cost spectrum up around the 1k mark. Being a thorough researcher, Natasha scoured the internet looking for a reputable breeder or the chance of possibly finding a cheaper option of the breed that she was searching for. Lo and behind, she seemed have struck gold on a website called Multiple breeders with a variety of offerings. Now to narrow the search and wouldn’t you know, a post matching what she is after. Fast forward, the kittens are located in Brisbane, only a 100km from where we live. We’re on a winner, or are we ?


Firstly, I would not classify as having wide spread recognition i.e. not in the same league as, trading or within the Australian classified space. Though, the add seemed genuine enough. Let the email traffic begin


Natasha, sends a general enquiry email to which our Scammer responds. Take note, of the personal touch, the caring attitude and what seems like a caring owner after the best interests of the интернет магазин кондиционеров в витебской области kittens


August 3, 2012

Sundale ICT – Jai Dametto – Helping the next generation


Sundale’s mission statement is 

We exist

To Care

To Grow

To Support 

Our Community

This week our extremely talented Jai Dametto, visited the local TAFE to give staff an overview of the industry. These engagements aptly named are called Industry Expert Engagements and it allows the staff to ensure that the materials that they are teaching their students within the industry. Jai utilised his knowledge from working with Sundale ICT and the other large organisations he has worked for to provide the students with key insights into the current desires and demands within the IT Industry. Jai explained the current infrastructure demands of an Aged Care organisation such as Sundale and the future direction the Sundale ICT will be taking systems, technology and assistive technology for Aged Care.

The TAFE staff made comment that the engagement was a huge success, stating the knowledge and insights of the Sundale ICT team member covered multiple levels from both business/industry and technical perspectives. Such was the success they have already requested to book Jai again for next year and to give an updated presentation on Sundale’s migration to cloud computing and updates on Sundale’s virtualisation. The TAFE also requested Jai’s assistance with the current materials and assessment to ensure that the students produced works would meet those expected within the industry. Once again I’m proud and are grateful for the skill level of the members of the Sundale ICT team.

“Jai demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the ICT industry direction and I found this very helpful in gauging our own emphasis in the courses we run at SCIT. Thanks Jai.” – Albert Lebbink, Leading Vocational Teacher in ICT

Truly and exceptional bunch!

View Jai Dametto’s LinkedIn Profile here