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August 17, 2012

The (App)le Method of Care Delivery

What is the value of mobile care delivery tools? Whether you use Apple or Android, the introduction of mobile apps has the potential to revolutionize delivery of services in the Aged Care industry. It may seem farfetched – after all, people have functioned for decades behind a desk and tied to a PC, but just stay with me.

Being an avid Instagramer (@leicroft), Gavin and I often exchange tips and tricks that we discover around iPhone photo capabilities. A few weekends ago I was researching some new apps to help enhance my iPhonography and stumbled upon 360 Panorama by Occipital. Available for iPhone and Android (Gingerbread or newer), 360 Panorama allows you to pan your phone’s camera over an area in a single pass. As you move, the camera captures the current field of vision. Once you stop panning, the app brilliantly stitches the frames together, constructing a full panoramic image.

So how does this relate to what we do in Aged Care? Think of something like environmental audits, arguably one of the most tedious tasks in any Aged Care facility. Imagine the process of documenting cracks in a footpath or cable management for a server rack. The process historically involved verbiage embedded in a report or static camera images with no reference point. Eg. “Crack in the footpath near garden”. “exposed cabling in rack.” Now, this is fine if your location has limited pathways or only one garden, or one server rack. Paper reports with words has the potential to create challenges for the person responsible for locating and correcting the elusive footpath crack near the garden or that stray cable.

Imagine the efficiency of using an app like 360 Panorama – of simply arriving on site with your mobile device, panning to capture the area to be audited and using it as a visual reference to complete the assessment. Combine this with the potential of accessing the audit tool directly from your iPhone or iPad, attaching the panorama you’ve just captured and you’d be set. A task that would have previously taken a couple of days is made significantly easier, faster and far more comprehensive by providing a full field of reference.

In this particular case, the face value of a mobile care delivery tool is $0.99, but the benefits of working smarter are бытовые кондиционеры в витебске countless

What apps have you used to simplify your work?